Product Detail



– Weight: 860kg/1890Lb
– Suggest movement area: 7000×5000(mm)
– Product Size : 5800cm * 4600cm * 2800cm

Key features include:

The length of the product can be customized according to the needs.
According to the training style and habits of the fitness instructor, the product accessories can be randomly matched and placed. Even if the new accessories are developed in the later stage, they can be seamlessly connected with the products, fully demonstrating the humanization. And flexible design concept.
The product is based on ergonomic design related functions, in which TRX suspension training is more excellent.
The main frame of the product is made of high-quality steel pipe, which makes the product more flexible while satisfying the flexible assembly of the product parts. , honest.
Use of the back plate, so that movement safer, and improved product aesthetics as a whole, highlight the noble quality and fashion sense.
45# steel hard chrome plating a solid guide bar, the use of more smoothly, reducing the friction Coefficient, low noise, no offset.
All standard parts, shaft parts and adjustment patches are made of stainless steel.